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Driven by curiosity, I love doing:

Nichols Architects

Nichols makes more than buildings.
Through a clean, minimalist design that gives Nichols’ eye-catching architecture maximum prominence, the new website elevates the brand, communicating quality and expertise. Voice memo modules give the architects and team members at Nichols more visibility, expressing Nichols’ design vision while creating a more personal experience for visitors. Done at firma.

The process
Research – Conceptualization – User Experience – Design – Motion Graphics – Visual Design – Jamstack Development

Smarter Logistics. Faster Delivery. Happier People.
Through Vonzu’s powerful and intuitive software, companies with logistics services can digitize, centralize and automate their processes and have full visibility to offer an exceptional delivery experience to their customers, that creates a feeling of connection with their brand. Done at firma.

The process
Conceptualization – User Experience – Web Design – Branding – Front End Development


We review. You create.
Tooltester is made up of a team of experts committed to finding, testing and analyzing the best web tools so anyone can create their own website with ease—no coding skills required! Done at firma.

The process
Branding – User Experience – Web Design – Front End Development

Adaptable to your life.
Eleva is trying to disrupt the home office sector by offering a healthier work environment.

The process
Research – Conceptualization – User Experience – Design – Motion Graphics – Visual Design

The Creative After-school.
At Minds of Tomorrow, the goal is to empower the kids to shape their future. Design and technology as the core of the innovative programs
for ages 6 to 13 in a world-class studio in Miami.
I was responsible for the UX and Web design as well as developing the whole site in Webflow. To achieve the final result, we iterated the website several times according to the feedback we were getting from real customers, as the value offered was new in the market, so we needed to act in real time to how the market was accepting the proposal. Done at Firma.

The process
Research – Conceptualization – UI/UX – Web Design – Front End Development – Analytics

Creatives for the Future

A platform of creative people who fight to put sustainability at the heart of business decision making.
Creatives, digital agencies, freelancers and communication professionals all together for one goal, changing our impact on the planet. A transformative community to share knowledge and tools about learning how to implement sustainability within our own organizations.
This was a unique project as we did it as a combination of different agencies. We were involved in the UXUI Design and Front End Development. We had the contribution of Monotype and ElfSight as well. Done at Firma.

The process
Conceptualization – User Experience – Web Design – Motion Graphics – Front End Development

Corporative website for a consultancy
We had to launch this landing page within 3 days... Done at Firma.

The process
User Experience – Web Design – Front End Development

Meet new people through sport.
Pirner App is a side project I did in January 2019. It started with the need of having a partner to play or practice sports. The idea was to create an app that empowered people to connect in their cities and even discover new cool places. This project didn't see the light but helped me to learn a lot about App ideation, design, development and testing.

The process
Branding – Reasearch – App design – Define interactions – User Experience

Modern Mystics App

Tarot App.
For this project, I did an extensive research on tarot apps & media as well as illustrators that would suit the goal of the project.

The process
Research – App design – User Experience

3D Quotes (Startup)

3D Quotes, a 3d printing Startup.
3D Quotes is Startup born in Barcelona in order to explore all the possibilities of 3d printing. By scanning people or finding 3d models on the internet, we built a 4d product. The 3d figurine plus an audio system, which is presented as a gift to a relative, students, friends with your statue and an audio message telling them whatever you want. We have collaborated with companies, schools, and events making character figures, both historical and any person.
The project began as a final degree project in 2017 for the Salle BCN, which was qualified with an Honor Certificate, and is still alive exploring new possibilities for collaborations.
Today, the creation of this Startup has made me an expert in 3d printing, the 3d scanning and the 3d edition. In addition, I had to face the market to sell my product with several marketing techniques as online landing pages, different ecommerce platforms, the website itself, posters, flyers, brochures, social media, etc.
This project has trained me as a professional to face any challenge and find solutions. It has also taught me to be a good project manager.

3d printing workshop

"3d is easy" workshop.
I wrote a 3d printing guide for those who don't know nothing about 3d printing. A short book in order to teach briefly the 10 basic things about 3d printing. Guided by the book, I developed a 3 hour class teaching the basics of 3d printing for those who want to have a first contact with the technology and be aware of the capabilities of this new way to produce.

A product for weddings and events.
This is a project which I started in 2018 with a college friend. It was developed for a real client and we are now expecting the results from the final product. In this final product we contacted a professional company in order to have it well-done. But, for proving and testing the product, in both the size and functionality, we developed a first prototype. We picked the electronic components needed from Amazon and AliExpress (Raspberry, Mic, Speakers, lights, etc.) plus wood pieces designed by us in order to make the general structure. We spent 3-4 weeks programming, designing the inferfaces, building the structure and putting all the components together. And the result was a testable product that we could show to the client.

3d scans, illustrations, programming...

Exploring different areas of creativity.
I like to learn new things and challenge my creative self..